Cheyenne Property Trust

Cheyenne Property Trust

This patent is very interesting – National Flag Card anyone – or perhaps China
naw- we want the sovereignty hence CHEYENNE – native American

G-Damn criminals

cheyenne Trust property


Data Processor Share Dilution

Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith – a subsidiary of ML who business is as a ‘futures commission merchant’
the attached is a MLPFS patent registered in France
notice the last 10 pages or so listing all the patents referenced – read the titles, the premise for all their manipulations, conversions, pension, and certificates
is all premised on you and I – it demonstrates the blatant exploitation of the 99% who are not in the loop on these schemes….Meet the pimps who are active in the
practice of human trafficking ……

there should not be a single person homeless or hungry – nowhere in this world

BE1011671A5 – Data processor share dilution. – Google Patents

LETTERS PATENT – the final nail in the criminal’s and Crown’s coffin

Read Learn and understand…. it all comes down to this – the letters patent !!

I hope you can all come to an understanding how truly huge this document is.

Notice no middle name or middle initial .. this is your father’s estate or what it represents first last.

Print and attach with revocation cut the Crowns nuts off.



United States Patent Application_ 0090064751

 Let me explain what this means, which is gonna be very difficult to wrap your mind around cause it seems so ludicrous, BUT the whole system is ludicrous, which is which makes it so perfect for us to to get into, and why these criminals are doing all they can to keep us from discovering and understanding all this

Notice the name, notice the trust and assignments there to … it establishes a path ..that can be used by all anyone claiming.. it goes along the theory of like kind… it is a capitalized name, it does not matter whose name it is, it could be anyone’s as it is like kind .. like kind to what? A capitalized name

L-1 Identity Solutions Bank of America

Ladies and Gentlemen,

These matters I am bring forth in discussion, powerpoints, whiteboards, summary and overview posts..

It takes a personal examination of conscience and certain level of acceptance that all you believed as being true and right with world has been

a staged event …all you thought was real is a blatant deception and a lie brought to you by the banking and BAR attorneys.. that is the flat out drop dead truth. I blame the federal government but I do not hold them out as being the criminal bad guys… I don’t…. Yes, there are very criminal elements that know what is going on, but  I am betting that percentage is very low. As far as most of Congress is concerned …the top assholes know, but most of them have not a clue what they have signed into law as so much is overlapping.

And the agencies ….again top level probably are aware but the bulk have not got a clue…..I take that back, they are getting smarter and they know we got drilled, to the degree we have though, they are entirely clueless….but you and I, ladies and gentlemen, those with courage to stand strong and resolute, are gonna inform them, and I believe in my heart of hearts, BAR attorneys are gonna fry, cause the federal agencies will be be appalled.

Now let’s get down to work and get your minds thinking for those interested in learning. I was gonna highlight the doc, but just about line would be yellowed, as this is very important doc.

So here is the exercise with a very simple premise… Understand that you are the grantor… there is YOU and than there is you, and than there are titles and roles of you, but which have been intercepted by others. So the task is to read through the document, maybe more like walk through the document and live the document. in other words put yourself in it….you are gonna hit some bumps that appear to be dead ends or double talk, which is a bit confusing, but when you come across the double talk, is when they flip and the grantor is the grantee ….see how you do

Insofar as the bc issues – stop wasting your time put it where better spent which is to securing wholly identity and not just one aspect that you believe is all that a bag of chips. if you dont secure yourself digtally that is to say, born again digitally ….all else is a waste of time