Birth Certificate…theirs or yours

There are those trying to indoctrinate you into their line of thinking – ‘the all caps name is not yours, it is theirs.’

This is twisted logic..

How can one then abandon property belonging to that person, if the all caps name, as those in the above statement believe, belongs to someone other???

how can one abandon property he does not own?

How can one donate property not of his rights and ownership?

You are a private corporation organized under the laws of the United States, namely under the shadow system – Cyclopedia Private law of Corporations.
The certificate that is evidence of this incorporation and capital infusion is by a convertible certificate called the certificate of birth.

With this your Human soul was separated from your cute little infant body and whisked away to be put to work in the international industrial complex as a manufacturing corporation and asset of the powerful and mighty United States.

The all caps cannot be a fiction cause a soul is capable of an existence separate from its body. But just as the infant body is not yet developed of thought and mind, so too a soul separated from its infant body is not yet developed..

The idea that our lives are valued and insured for our future labor is on basis of the human body absent the reunification with the soul…. and does not take into account the work your soul has done in the corporate sector as lender of credit AND the work done by the souls attachment to bodies other than the body it is has been separated from.. to which the souls has not been yet recalled..

A living man is not substantial and whole absent a union with the soul, and cannot substantiate the claim as living man…. a form absent the soul is just a human body, a lump of matter whose intelligence is restricted with range of body, ignorant of boundless flight of soul..

Consider carefully your position on the all caps name, those that say it is theirs and not yours do not know their ass from a hole in the ground.. they don’t know their soul, and why no wonder their shit never goes anywhere


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