Treasury federal PKI – the path to relief/remedy and self-governance

The Treasury federal digital identity pki public/private keys are exactly the answer.,. Self-governing … sovereign states as living men and women under a central government – I would dare say coming in this capacity puts us under the Constitution with all protections

It is through here that I am entirely convinced is the certain path to remedy and relief … I have read through and studied all manuals and requirements, and want to go through again to satisfy any questions, I am certain this is the path to self-governance/relief/remedy to the death of these BAR criminals and bankers and criminal judges

This gives us all the tools we need to stand on the land and take claim to all records with audit powers to correction of record, which will serve to pulling down all walls, POA’s of every sort it kind, allows for evidence demonstrating of fraud and unauthorized use, waste of estate, and a grand opportunity to nailing the BAR Attorneys, banks and servicer, as well as other trespassers … there is some work here to get properly established, but that is the price of freedom –

Add to this the intentionally concealed MERS/NB agreement as prima facie evidence to the record.

Add patents as prima facie evidence to the record

Add trademarks as prima facie evidence of unauthorized use and fraud to the record






NMLS Guidebook for Licensees




NMLS Guidebook for Licensees

First steps towards relief… I have led you to the doorstep and knocking, now it is yours to perform and walk on through the second part is to establishing your digital identity and roles for self-governance that is in trust to private/public digital keys that are yours to control, protect and prosper. this through treasury, dhs, and fiscal service.

NMLS Guidebook for Licensees


This is a sampling of files from NMLS….it looks intimidating, but it really is not. What this allows us to do is take control of license and cancel the surety, in compliance with certain criteria and education programs through NMLS…We are not going to this, we are going to instead cancel all license, because NMLS, itself was created out of fraud and theft of identity and rights by uninformed consent. We are going to use NMLS as the first step and a platform to inform ‘ignorant’ regulators of the massive frauds being perpetrated, and we are gonna do this in every state possible with as many as will jump on board.
Yes, it is confusing and takes time to get your head around, and I will do all in my power in helping people get up to speed, but you have to make the commitment to yourself to take the time and learn, the benefits to this are many whereas the benefits of fighting a crooked court and criminal BAR attorneys is zero ….

What is NMLS?

NMLS is the legal system of record for licensing in all participating states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories. In these jurisdictions, NMLS is the official and sole system for companies and individuals seeking to apply for, amend, renew, and surrender licenses managed in the NMLS on behalf of the jurisdiction’s governmental agencies. NMLS itself does not grant or deny license authority.

NMLS is also the system of record for all federal registrations required of federally regulated mortgage loan originators.



Why NMLS ???
Because we can nail these criminals and their stealing of licenses

• Criminal (e.g., verdict in a criminal case)
• Regulatory (e.g., action taken by a state or federal regulatory agency)
• Civil Judicial (e.g., certain civil court order)
• Civil (e.g. certain civil court award or settlement)

Q. What is the Authority Type displayed in a Federal Disciplinary Action?

Authority Type is a description of the legal authority that took or issued the disciplinary action being disclosed.

Authority Types include:
• Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
• Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
• Farm Credit Administration
• Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
• National Credit Union Administration
• Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
• Securities and Exchange Commission
• Other Federal Regulator
• State Regulator
• Foreign Financial Regulator
• Criminal Court
• Civil Court

Plus we use it as a platform to better roll into treasury as we are conducting our due diligence as responsible persons with competence and knowledge (newly found )

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Authorized Producers and Companies

Bond Execution Exceptions (Company)

Bond Execution (Company)

Business Activities Definitions

Creating Associations – Surety Bond Company Perspective Quick Guide

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Entity Notifications

ESB Industry Dashboard – Surety Company User