LETTERS PATENT – the final nail in the criminal’s and Crown’s coffin

Read Learn and understand…. it all comes down to this – the letters patent !!

I hope you can all come to an understanding how truly huge this document is.

Notice no middle name or middle initial .. this is your father’s estate or what it represents first last.

Print and attach with revocation cut the Crowns nuts off.



United States Patent Application_ 0090064751

 Let me explain what this means, which is gonna be very difficult to wrap your mind around cause it seems so ludicrous, BUT the whole system is ludicrous, which is which makes it so perfect for us to to get into, and why these criminals are doing all they can to keep us from discovering and understanding all this

Notice the name, notice the trust and assignments there to … it establishes a path ..that can be used by all anyone claiming.. it goes along the theory of like kind… it is a capitalized name, it does not matter whose name it is, it could be anyone’s as it is like kind .. like kind to what? A capitalized name


The Medallion Stamp

I’ll go over this is separate post
very important information though related to signature guarantee and transfer stamps.
We should be the authorizing signature, but due to the BAR attorneys and MERS stealing
of electronic signature along with all rights, title and interest, they have carte blanche to rob us blind.







Treasury federal PKI – the path to relief/remedy and self-governance

The Treasury federal digital identity pki public/private keys are exactly the answer.,. Self-governing … sovereign states as living men and women under a central government – I would dare say coming in this capacity puts us under the Constitution with all protections

It is through here that I am entirely convinced is the certain path to remedy and relief … I have read through and studied all manuals and requirements, and want to go through again to satisfy any questions, I am certain this is the path to self-governance/relief/remedy to the death of these BAR criminals and bankers and criminal judges


This gives us all the tools we need to stand on the land and take claim to all records with audit powers to correction of record, which will serve to pulling down all walls, POA’s of every sort it kind, allows for evidence demonstrating of fraud and unauthorized use, waste of estate, and a grand opportunity to nailing the BAR Attorneys, banks and servicer, as well as other trespassers … there is some work here to get properly established, but that is the price of freedom –

Add to this the intentionally concealed MERS/NB agreement as prima facie evidence to the record.

Add patents as prima facie evidence to the record

Add trademarks as prima facie evidence of unauthorized use and fraud to the record






NMLS Guidebook for Licensees



NMLS Guidebook for Licensees

First steps towards relief… I have led you to the doorstep and knocking, now it is yours to perform and walk on through the second part is to establishing your digital identity and roles for self-governance that is in trust to private/public digital keys that are yours to control, protect and prosper. this through treasury, dhs, and fiscal service.

NMLS Guidebook for Licensees

Project License Kill

Ladies and gentlemen, for the past 17 years we have been at war, but one that has gone unchecked as it has been a one sided war, and the people of this world were conquered, without ever firing a shot. We have come to discover something was amiss in the aftermath of the economic collapse, as millions upon millions found themselves suddenly homeless. The population took no notice, because after all these folks were deadbeats who lied on loan applications and put nothing down on homes purchased they could not afford.

Mers sharia law

But we are finding, responsible persons who did all the right things with proper due diligence and who did provide down payment, are losing their homes as well. Many of these persons never missed a payment, yet they still ended up losing their homes through foreclosure, whether, judicial or non-judicial. More and more documented evidence proves we have a state court system that is rigged by kickbacks and payoffs; to county and state actors, but more alarmingly to judges – those who have sworn an oath to protect justice.

As of late, it seems these foreclosures and evictions are taking an ever more occurring and frightening route, with good people being removed by the end of a weapon by uniformed officers. My God, uniformed officers, sworn to protect are showing aggression of this sort, crosses some serious human rights and Constitutional boundaries, and we as a society must do something to bring these dangerous acts to an end.

Through my 10 year plus research, I can precisely pinpoint exactly the cause and perpetrating parties who put us on this path beginning with the State Street v Signature Financial Group ruling in 1998. The subject to these horrible events, and that particular case revolves around automated patented business processes, and the culprits are international bankers, wealthy elite and most of all the BAR.

There is absolutely no disputing this, as the evidence is before our eyes, all we need to do is open them, and turn away from the fabricated deception to ‘ordinary course’ and other devious lies they have indoctrinated the people into believing.

What we face is quite complex and sophisticated, and will take some effort to get a grasp and understanding for. One person’s knowledge and understanding will grow into a handful, and that handful will grow into a group, and that group into other groups, and so on and so on. It is already happening across the world, with many having a piece of the overall puzzle.

What we are dealing with is an economic coup d’etat that was the deliberate and intentional overthrow of paradigm, that is to say the intentional putting to death of an economic and financial system familiar to the public and consumers. In its place, is a complex and sophisticated system with basis on intellectual properties – patents, copyrights, and trademarks, and economic and financial system entirely unknown by 99% of the population, forced upon us by the 1% superior elite.

Global Economic Coop

It is an evil and despotic system that strips the assets and property rights from all 99% of the population, through and by a system of licensing to a term that is familiar called a mortgage. You may say, wait a second, 99% of the population do not own homes, after all that is what a mortgage is ..right?. Under the old familiar paradigm, yes, but in this new secretly instituted one on with basis on IP (intellectual properties), no this is not the same mortgage.

This is a mortgage under the laws to which it pertains, which is not in real property in the least, but rather in copyright. A mortgage is a copyright – your birth name, First Middle Last is a protected unregistered copyright to which savings bonds and stock issuance were created under a certificate of live birth, FIRST MIDDLE LAST, to which we are the beneficiary and master account holder, which all goes to an estate – our estate.

It is unregistered because it is private property, our private property, and it was expected of us to come forward at the so-named, age of majority, to take claim along with proclamation of self-governance…..We failed to so and as such roll into adulthood subjects to a system of codes and statutes that takes rule over those not self-governing.

There are many many theories and wild-assed theories by people the world over on matters of the BC and COLB. and I am sorry but most of these theories malformed nonsense. The BC is not a debtor bond in the least, the COLB represents your preferred share of stock in the corporation of the United States of America. ……

’OMG, did he just write what I think he wrote’ ….”the blasted corporate US, how dare he.”

Grow the hell up already, or remain with the conspiratorial nut jobs and lost souls. Use logic for God sake, a country is no different than a business, it has to be to support itself and to prosper. The evil part of it is that we the people are the private equity and value that built this country, which has been exploited by robber barons, jew bankers, the Vatican and a government corrupted, bought and paid for by the robber barons, jew bankers, the Vatican. Added to this now over the past 17 years, is Science and Technology, who are hiding behind Scientology’s IRS shelter as a religion, and the Muslims with the incorporation of Sharia Law that lays the basis of this new economic and financial system.

The henchmen are no other than the Crown’s ‘British Accredited Registry’ – BAR fucking attorneys, who I will argue to the day I die are guilty of acts in high treason. I have no doubt that many will support this allegation, especially as folks become more educated to the facts and truths and the many acts the BAR is committing. Heinous acts with the purposeful intent of rendering irreparable harms to the global human population.

Getting back to the mortgage copyright, and keep in mind I am not an attorney and none of what I say is legal advice, as I am just a normal living man seeking justice in a system where there is absolutely none to be found. I am therefore but a seeker of facts and truths. Much like one seeks the fountain of youth, I am certain I have found the fountain of evil and all its many ugly components, to which I bring to you my fellow men and women to have council with.

To my understanding, a derivative is any slight modification or modification of a copyrighted work that does not impede the underlying purpose of the original work. I spent 25 years in the field of Architecture before it suddenly came to a crashing end with Merrill Lynch’s intentional crashing of the economy back in 2008. If I designed a home, for instance, I have ownership in copyright, and anyone that uses my design and plans is an infringement, However, all someone needs to do add is put a clip on a gable roof, or add some brick where there is siding, or change out a window size or two, thereby creating a derivative work, and thus no infringement.

It is not the same though with our name, First Middle Last, which is protected by the 1790 Copyright Act [Statutes At Large], and although there has been many revisions to Copyright Law, the Statutes at Large remain. And it has to be so, because if you take right, title and interest of a person, this would be slavery, and slavery is not allowed.

They cannot take you away from you – you are you, you are your best keeper, unless it is determined that you are not a good keeper of you. They can and have taken title by limiting movement either for political reasons or for reasons on issues of competence. They have done so by us not coming forward at the age of majority with proclamation of self-governance, and thus we have proven ourselves needy of codes of statutes. Don’t shoot the messenger, it is not my system which is why I am writing of this and ways to get out.

Our estate is not for public consumption, so what did they do – they created a derivative form of our name: First Mi. Last/FIRST MI. LAST which includes Last, First Mi./LAST, FIRST MI. This is our ‘public personality’ and the face we show others, and by which others judge us, in character and credibility. It is your IRS, bills, and other matters of the sort.

Now though therein comes a big problem: insurances of which there are many many sorts: car, house, fire, life, annuities, and on and on it goes. The problem with insurance is the commingling of the derivative and the estate name between insurances, car, fire and flood, and other catastrophic insurances, with health care and preventive medicine insurances, and insurances that go to the estate side such as with annuities, pensions, and life, all of which have been fixed to be made transferable from one party to another. In other words, the taking of what belongs to one on conditional assignment with terms and conditions that transfers benefits over to another.

Herein lay the heart of the most criminal enterprise in the history of civilization, and it all rests on a fabricated and deceitful ‘ordinary course’ mortgage loan agreement in real property that is in fact and truth a mortgage derivative in copyright that is engineered on automated processes and operates on tradable goods and services.

Over 100 million x two with presumption most buying homes are couples x number of children were lured into executing what you were led to believe was a mortgage loan to real property. You did so by executing the presidentially mandated 4-corner Fannie/Freddie Standard Uniform Instrument, which by said mandate under which the form was created guaranteed consumers of no terms outside the 4 corners of the agreement.

On this alone however, over 100 million mortgages are void ab initio on the face of the contract for misrepresentations specific to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc (MERS) for the intentional omission of one little designation after the word MERS® which gives disclosure that MERS is a registered United States Trademark. It can be argued and most vociferously should by us all that this is a blatant violation of the Lanham Act and the consumers right to source the goods and products they purchase.

Had this been disclosed, we would have been led to the United States Patents and Trademarks Office online database at this link:


and at the assignor/assignee line type MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS – followed by clicking the search button, opening to this link





Clicking the link on the left will bring up this link


click the ‘View Recorded Assignment’ tab brings up a 20 page Credit/Security Agreement between Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. and Nationsbank (Bank of America) under the Trademark of MERS United States Registered Service Mark #2,048,831.

This is information and disclosure was entitled, under the Lanham Act, be disclosed in over 100 million alleged mortgage loans, but was intentionally concealed. It was intentionally concealed because the Nationsbank/MERS agreement is an agreement to involuntary servitude that over 100 million x 2 x children were incorporated by reference that is more truthfully forced into by intentional concealment, which not a single person would ever have agreed to terms of such blatant and outright theft.


Nowhere in the description of services is the word ‘loan’ present in conjunction with the word mortgage, and the MERS/NB agreement makes clear why the word is absent, because there never was a mortgage loan to real property, rather a mortgage in copyright and derivatives conversion and trading, that all has to with a person name and identity, which this agreement takes all license and control. Over which assumed business names and other identifiers are created and sold off by and through rehypothecation, fractionalization, and securitization.

In short, it is human trafficking on a massive scale hidden behind undisclosed trademarked goods and services, but it is also prima facie evidence that not a single one of those whom were lured into the Fannie/Freddie Standard Uniform Instrument was ever a debtor, and has claim to all trusts and separate accounts stated within the MERS/NB agreement.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in breach of contract, breach of mandate, breach of the 4 corner rule, breach of the public trust, and intentional and malicious fraud.

We the people have been lured into sophisticated intellectual property transaction by superior parties exercising their power over us by non-disclosure and intentional concealment of a transaction, absent of which we lacked all capacity and competence. In place of concealed representations and disclosure, consumer borrowers were made to believe they were acquiring an ordinary course mortgage loan to real property. In truth and fact, the only loan given was by us, in name and collateral value, which was taken into slavery by a vast criminal conspiracy to which BAR Attorneys have all control though automated system of fixed uniform codes and statutes.

You see there was never a mortgage loan, all those pools supposedly containing mortgage loans contained nothing but a pledge for a future liquidation – your liquidation, made by the originator that conned you into a fraudulent agreement. All these so-called loans were ‘held-for-sale’ on the books of Ownit, Countrywide, Option One, Greentree, etc etc.

Your principal amount was sold though to Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and dozens of others several times over, for full amortized value, the earnings and profits taken into corporate equity in an off books ‘capitation’ is what I believe it is called, all of which are rightfully due back the balance of credits.

Because there was never a mortgage loan, means you are not a homeowner and that American Dream of homeownership is…..well, a bunch of loaded bullshit. Instead you were made a lessor upon the land and home, and all those payments you believed were going paydown a mortgage were diverted in high yielded annuities, payable to third party others upon your default and eviction.

These were all accomplished through patented processes which these criminals engineered to wrap around the intentional concealing of MERS/NB and the omission of the MERS® with evil precision and brilliance. You see, a patent owner, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase and a laundry list of others, possess two legal rights. First, they have the right to exploit the patent and second they have right to exclude others from use of patent.

So what they have done through the intentional concealed MERS/NB agreement, is to incorporate us, we the people, we the deceived, we the defrauded, we the trespassed upon, as grantors and guarantor of collateral to innumerable wealth gaining and estate patented processes that are split dollar investment schemes. In short, this means we take all the risk, provide the collateral but waive any and all benefit in the event of a default, which is stripped from us and diverted or given elsewhere, such as bank employees, bar attorneys, and judges. This by some sort of fabrication, forgery of some other unlawful scheme laid out in the patent.

A great opportunity presented itself for the people of the world to grow their wealth and estates with the revisions to UCC9 concerning to the collateralization and secured transactions, under which intellectual properties are included. This gave us opportunity to put a derived value on anything we put our name to, and pool with others, for sale into the securities markets. A wonderful opportunity for the world to prosper do good things with.

Revisions to UCC9 took effect in 2001, but the bankers, BAR and other criminals had already seized it all for themselves with the MERS/NB agreement which was recorded in 1998. Yeah tell me it was not a fixed game, all set up and ready to go 3 years prior. The people of this country, of the world need to rise up in global outrage with the demand these banksters and BAR attorneys be tried and convicted for the crimes perpetrated.

More to come……in the next piece how the name ties into all this, how we are being controlled through the dept of transportation and maritime, how treasury works into all of this, how the BAR has rigged the entire system for their pleasures and profits, and most important of all, how do we nail these criminal bastards and free ourselves…and the many avenues of consideration as there are many…….starting with NMLS

Let’s call it project license kill

Agencies with Avenues for Remedy

This is partial list, and by no means complete list of the agencies I have identified as avenues for remedy, relief, and claims.
Are any of these going to give you immediate relief from the criminal BAR attorneys and courts – this is sustainable and permanent relief and remedy measures, which will turn the BAR against itself and put the focus on the massive fraud and crimes that have been committed against we the people….


Notice of Revocation…

If you do not have something of this nature and wording in with the county and a court case, if you are in one, which I would also include a mailed copy to the state court administrator – we are not dealing with same issues as in the past … same idea but much much different form – stolen identity by way of digital key signatures to which we were excluded … we need to revoke and reclaim .. this is a good start

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