July 7, 2018 Carrying Stones & Digging Holes Radio Show

Bridgette & Jannie have Ken Dost on the conversation leads in many directions around law, enslavement, and freedom. To help Bridgette & Jannie and their work use consciousnessofeconomics@gmail.com on PayPal to donate. https://coe-llc.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/15906… http://freedomslips.com/index.php/sch… Ken Dost https://www.facebook.com/kdost1


2018-7-3 The Truth Train w Liberty Lisa special guest Ken Dost REVOKING YOUR IRS POA

Tonight on The Truth Train with Liberty Lisa Thomas. Special guest Ken Dost will be discussing REVOKING YOUR IRS POWER OF ATTORNEY. Ken Dost has found a road map of what has been done, to subject us, by studying Patents, Copyrights, and Licenses. Tonight he will update us on his own journey, and will also cover the one step everyone can do to revoke the Power of Attorney at the IRS. A Power of Attorney is an authority over our matters that at some point we, unwittingly or somewhat unwittingly, gave away.



4-11-2018 Ken on the Truth Train with Liberty Lisa

The Truth Train with Liberty Lisa Thomas and co-host Sassy Steph. Special guest Ken Dost will be discussing UNDERCUTTING THE BAR. There is absolutely no question that many bar attorneys seem to be corrupt and complicit in a plot to sell us down the river, and steal vast amounts of wealth to do it. Ken has discovered just how the network of HANDLERS operate and how to create a path to freedom. Join us today at 7:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm MST / 9:00 pm CST / 10:00 pm EST. Call in and listen over the phone at (347)855-8301. Press 1 to join the conversation (usually the second hour). Online listen at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/truthemerges/2018/04/11/the-truth-train-w-liberty-lisa-special-guest-ken-dost-undercutting-the-bar



Emanating Sovereignty w/Ken

1/14/2018 with Ken Dost ***Aired LIVE @ 4:30pm PT/ 7:30pm ET*** Ryne Eichman from Emanating Sovereignty: “I will be recording a new interview in the coming week. Stay tuned as I will be speaking with a veteran who’s been in the game long enough to no longer play with this fraud corporate system which harvests energy from its own people. A man who is ready to break every BAR, in freeing the self from the ever involvement with a cannibalistic system which milks the very life essence straight straight from it’s very source. “To whom it may concern in the forced evolution process of avoidance of responsibility. I give you back your responsibility to hold for yourself. I can no longer be the recipient of your wisdom, or understandings of light journeys. You and your collective are hereby notified we are on union and communion strike.” Stay tuned for my upcoming inner view on Emanating Sovereignty!”

2017-12-05 Ken on The Truth Train with Liberty Lisa

The Truth Train (click to listen to the replay)

Tuesday December 5th on The Truth Train with Liberty Lisa. DIGITAL KEYS with special guest Ken Dost. Ken will explain how we can finally step onto the path towards relief and remedy …..towards justice….towards freedom! Tuesday December 5th at 7:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm MST / 9:00 pm CST / 10:00 pm EST join Liberty Lisa and Ken Dost on this once in a lifetime show. Call in at (347)855-8301 or online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/truthemerges/2017/12/06/the-truth-train-w-liberty-lisa-special-guest-ken-dost-on-digital-keys

2017-11-08 Ken live on What’s on your Mind with host Gloria Helman


Join Gloria And Her Guest Ken Dost Wednesday 11/08/17

Topic – .With Open Eyes

9 pm edt 8 pm cdt Dial 657 383 1474 Press 1 To Speak To The Host

2017-10-28 Ken live with Host Gloria Helman

NWF/Stidham Media Pres Whats On Your Mind With Host Gloria Helman Live Tonight

Be Sure To Tune In To Whats On Your Mind With Host Gloria Helman Tonight 10/28/17

Special Guest Ken Dost

Topic Truth and Freedom 9 pm edt 8 pm cdt

Dial 917 889 3849 Press 1 To Speak To The Host