State your claim…

State your claim to gaining sophisticated knowledge denied

Let us unite, let us inform those who have and are doing us harm by ‘affixing’ our trespassed and stolen name upon financial and insurance products that we are becoming ‘sophisticated’ in the knowledge of their NOT in the ‘ORDINARY COURSE’ fraud disguised by BAR attorney fixed uniform acts and ‘ordinary course’ public deception and fabrication..

How many more families and lives destroyed by banking amf BAR attorney fraud before we wake up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !! Let us unite and show these criminals ‘we know now’

Insert your last name take a photo and post lets take it viral folks … the people are speaking



Download the document above, load into Word, type in your name in the blank space in the first square (using Lucida Handwriting font), adjust the size of the box. Capture it with a screen shot, save as a .jpg file. If using for a profile picture make your capture in the shape of a square not a rectangle.

Add as your Facebook profile picture to show your solidarity.