It is a very good day folks .. a very good day indeed

How about, on this day, Monday October 23, 2017, we step onto the path towards relief and remedy …..towards justice… As stated in a post last evening, as this begins to break, you are going to see paths towards remedy, relief and justice none of the so-called gurus have even considered…..
It is time to walk the walk folks …it is time get some shit done !!!.
You have heard me speak frequently about that invisible BaR between that we need to kill and take control over
If you can accept the fact that there was never ever a mortgage loan, this should be fairly simple to grasp. We are a leasehold operating through trade – on the inland waterways, railways AND by motor carrier – under CDL licensing (in the virtual sense).
All the issues to state passports are handidly done away and disposed of through DOT and taking charge of our transmitting utility that begins first and foremost by cancelling these future forward broker’s ticket and taking it over…
everything should be out in the public this coming week …and you know what – it is gonna cost your time and attention – not 5k or 1K .. it is your freedom – time to seize it

It is a very good day folks .. a very good day indeed

Form BNC-85